I’d rather regret the things I have done, than the things I haven’t done.

You can’t be you when all you think of is how to be someone else.

Find the basics and learn them; then spread your wings and be you without fear.

Be the light in your life and make your days count, not unto man but unto God first; and then to you.

And when you look down, there’ll be no ground; you’ll be walking on water!

You are the answer!


I feel sometimes that I am under-valued;
like there should be something more you know,
it happens when I engage others in small talk;
when I’m at church or even among some of my mates in school.

I find myself dreaming of the things I want to and should be doing
and yet, reality, society, church and family reminds me of ‘who I AM’;
almost in the prime of adulthood and I’ve ingrained what they’ve told me i am,
lived the lie so much so it has become a truth; even to me.
the highest form of deception is he who is successful in deceiving himself.

what then happens when I want to trace out who I am?
or really, ‘who I am supposed to be’, because obviously who I am is not who I should be.
what happens when I risk loosing people because I built the relationship on a mistaken identity?
really…..tell me, what happens when you want to be you?